Saturday, October 12, 2019

Battle of Denbigh Green

Royalist Horse on the Green

David and Rob ran a game using the ECW minis

Read about the details on MurdockS MarauderS or Codsticker's Historicals.

The Project ECW continues.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Warr Without An Enemie battle at The War Dungeon

Another battle using Warr Without An Enemie was engaged on July 21:

Read all about it at MurdockS MarauderS

fully nine turns were played in a single day of game

with the dreaded 3 x 1s rolled to end the match

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Another Carnage and Glory II game

The players with Murdock's Marauders have put in another ECW game using Carnage & Glory II Pike & Shot rules.

battle at Parradice Moor
Read the full After Action Report.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

An ECW encounter using Carnage & Glory II rules system

Foote locked in a push of pike
 Jeff's collection has been merged with Rob's troops into a Royalist force of greater dimention.

On December 9, 2018 they were put into the field of action vs David's Parliamentarians using Carnage and Glory II - ECW computer generated system.

Read the full After Action Report Here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Royalist Re-Organize

Hello readers, this is Murdock writing from Jeff's desktop.

The Royalist commander has encountered more than the usual Gout and had complications from the treatments of the past few years.

This has Jeff currently in hospital awaiting hospice availability.

While winded from this event, Jeff is still carrying on his jovial talks.

Jeff wanted there to be a note to the readers and to assure you all that we plan to continue the games projects.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My First "Pike & Shotte" Game

First of all, I should have cancelled Sunday's game . . . I had a pinched nerve in my neck and was in too much pain to concentrate and play.

David's photo of me in neck brace -- visible figures are Rob's.

Fortunately David, Rob and Alex were understanding and put up with my many mind fumbles due to pain.  (Please note that physically I am feeling much better today -- and also that clicking on photos results in a larger image).

It was my task to handle the "cavalry" end of our 1644 Battle of Montgomery.  And, never having played "Pike and Shotte" I wasn't sure just what to expect.

I am ready to charge.

Well, my very first "Charge" order die roll was . . . boxcars!  A BLUNDER! . . . well as it turned out, I moved straight right and the charge was nullified.

Well not quite how I planned it.

Okay, well if I were to get a bit lucky, Trevor's two squadrons might just reach a Parliamentary unit.  So I rolled . . . snake eyes . . . yes the charge went it . . . and even though I had more dice charging a smaller opponent just standing to receive the charge, I rolled poorly and Alex didn't. So I needed to "test" . . . so I rolled . . . snake eyes again  . . .  my charging unit destroyed and gone!

Yes, my first three 2d6 rolls for the game were . . . 12, 2, 2 . . . about as extreme as possible.  And therein lies the story of the night for our cavalry.  Not that there were any more horrible die rolls, BUT that all of our charges and fall-backs emphasized the "volatility" of cavalry actions.

Moments ago the two sides were in a "fur ball"; now open again.

Because of my physical pain, I don't recall details but I think that the overall feel of this volatility seems reasonable . . . there certainly seemed to be a lot of "ups" and "downs" for both Alex and I as the lead changed back and forth.

As for the foot action to my left, you will have to take a look at David's blog since all I did was click a few photos when so urged.  I believe that they experienced some questions and difficulties on their end of the fight.

West end, where Rob (Royalist) faced David (Roundhead).

I think that the action moved fairly smoothly throughout the night.  Our major question on the cavalry end was when would Alex's flank march arrive.  He missed the die roll he needed for a long long time (I think it arrived about turn 7 or 8) by which time I was better prepared for it.

If I win this, I will force him off-table . . . and I did!

Eventually I defeated all six of Alex's squadrons while losing four of my six . . . but because of the Parliamentary successes on the field's west end, Montgomery 2016 ended in a success just like the Montomery, 1644/

Trouble on the left . . . *sigh* . . . we lost again.
  -- Jeff 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

ECW Battle of Montgomery (1644) -- WWAE Version

Last Sunday Rob and Murdock came over and we played the Battle of Montgomery using the "Warr Without an Enemie" rules by the Wyre Forest Wargamers.

Some of Rob's Royalist Foot -- mid battle.

With my "chemobrain" memory problems, I won't try to recount the game.  Murdock has already done a bit of that . . . from the Parliamentarian perspective, of course . . . on his "Murdock's Marauders" blog . . . and he takes lots of photos (click on them for larger views).

The scenario we played can be found here -- but is now different than what we played because Rob did some more research and discovered that the flank march came from the east and not the west end of the field (as we played it) . . . so we plan to re-fight Montgomery using the correct flanking.

Without trying to tell a story, here are a few of my photos that weren't too blurry.
Some of my Royalist Cavalry -- early game

Rob's foot as incorrect flanking Cavalry appears on table edge.

Cavalry mid-battle, with little Roundheads left on this flank.

Near the end, my cav is intact but heavily battered.

Hopefully my health will permit us to replay Montgomery this coming Sunday . . . with perhaps a Royalist victory this time . . . or perhaps not.

-- Jeff