Thursday, May 7, 2015

Edgehill -- Horse & Foot

Hopefully Murdock and I will get to play the "Battle of Edgehill" later this month as we start our ECW gaming.  I still have the command stands to paint but all of my rank-and-file troops are ready.  (note because my game table is in use as a painting table, I've had to take photos on a couch so the colors are weird).

The Gentlemen Pensioners

While we built all of our basic units with six 2" square stands each for smaller battles, we will be using the "For God, King and Country" rules for Edgehill (and other large battles)

Translating their 15mm basing for our 28mm collections, we have two stand Cavalry units and three-stand Foot units (one pike & two shot).

Due to the nature of our collections AND the dearth of knowledge about many units, we have had to substitute units we have in quite a few instances.  I have tried to be as correct as I could but there are instances where nothing is known.

Following are photos of my Royalist pike & shot units for Edgehill.  The rules that we are using include a scenario built on the "five brigade" model (as opposed to the nine brigade model).  As always, click on photos for a larger image (and open in separate window by double-clicking for largest image):

As for the Cavalry, other than the Gentlemen Pensioners (pictured at top of page) who were in reserve and didn't do anything, they were formed up on the left and right:

Left Wing Cavalry

Right Wing Cavalry

I have a bunch of figures I will temporarily use for dismounted Dragoons if I don't have time to get the real ones painted but I've not taken photos of them; nor of my Artillery . . . and of course, my Generals and Brigadiers are still on painting sticks.

By the way, so far the leading contender for our smaller action ECW games is "Warr Without an Enemie" . . . but we are still open to other suggestions.

-- Jeff


  1. Great looking units. Have you read "Edgehill-the battle reinterpreted" by Turton, Scott and von Arni? Well worth a read for deployments and units. Also a recent article in Arquebusier concluded that Wardlawe's Parliamentarian dragoons arrived at the battle on foot, which should make modelling them a bit cheaper and easier.

    1. I am not familiar with that work but I have now found it on Amazon. Thank you for the suggestion, sir.

      -- Jeff

  2. Outstanding collection ready for Edgehill! I like your banners. Are the cavalry banners homemade?

    I agree with the commenter above. "Edgehill-Reinterpreted" is a good read.

  3. Jonathan,

    Almost all of the cavalry coronets are historical (although a few are for substitute units).

    As for the book, I have purchased the Kindle-for-PC version and have already begun to read it.

    -- Jeff

  4. These look great, will follow your progress and battles.


  5. Such a long time since I had a visit to the blue bear blog, your ECW project is going ahead leaps and bounds and looking great Jeff.

    I hope your health is improved since your visit to the hospital a while back, it certainly didn't dim your enthusiasm ;-)

  6. Dave,

    Thanks for the comment and good wishes . . . but actually it looks like I'm facing more chemotherapy soon. Still I'm not in a lot of pain and while I run out of steam quite quickly, I am looking forward to getting these troops on the table top . . . at least once I get my game table cleared of all of my painting paraphernalia.

    -- Jeff