Saturday, July 2, 2016

ECW Battle of Montgomery (1644) -- WWAE Version

Last Sunday Rob and Murdock came over and we played the Battle of Montgomery using the "Warr Without an Enemie" rules by the Wyre Forest Wargamers.

Some of Rob's Royalist Foot -- mid battle.

With my "chemobrain" memory problems, I won't try to recount the game.  Murdock has already done a bit of that . . . from the Parliamentarian perspective, of course . . . on his "Murdock's Marauders" blog . . . and he takes lots of photos (click on them for larger views).

The scenario we played can be found here -- but is now different than what we played because Rob did some more research and discovered that the flank march came from the east and not the west end of the field (as we played it) . . . so we plan to re-fight Montgomery using the correct flanking.

Without trying to tell a story, here are a few of my photos that weren't too blurry.
Some of my Royalist Cavalry -- early game

Rob's foot as incorrect flanking Cavalry appears on table edge.

Cavalry mid-battle, with little Roundheads left on this flank.

Near the end, my cav is intact but heavily battered.

Hopefully my health will permit us to replay Montgomery this coming Sunday . . . with perhaps a Royalist victory this time . . . or perhaps not.

-- Jeff


  1. Confusion on reinforcement entry is due to Giglio's scenario. In one part the Western board edge is mentioned. In another part, the eastern board edge is mentioned as an entry. When I played it out, I went with the eastern board edge. Swapping "eastern" for "western" does provide a different game.