Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Thoughts on Troops

(note -- my ECW Project is still indefinitely "on hold")

There are numerous factors delaying this project . . . not the least of which is deciding upon a set of rules. Still I do want to record some of my thoughts for future consideration.

One thing that I've been thinking of has to do with my Pike and Shotte units . . . or more correctly, my "Foote" units.

Since many (indeed, most) unit uniforms could actually be worn on either side, I have thought that I will base up units without a command stand . . . or, "stands". For I intend to paint up command stands for both sides for each unit of Foote.

In fact, I eventually hope to have multiple command stands for each side for each unit.

"Why?", you ask.

So that I can depict a wide range of different units for each actual unit. A red-coated unit, for example, might have two or three sets of flags (command stands) each for the Royalists and Parliamentarians.

Think about it. It won't take that much more effort to paint a few extra "command stands" for each unit (indeed, they do not even need to all be painted at the same time).

To start with, I'm thinking of building 8 units of "Foote" -- two in red coats; two in blue coats; and one each in white, yellow, gray and green coats.

-- Jeff


  1. Jeff,
    sorry to hear about the - MANY - health issues. Glad you're feeling better.

    Interesting bit I read in my Osprey book "Soldiers of the ECW 1: Infantry" is that the command are most likely to wear their own clothes. So the soldiers would get an issue of similar coats, or whatever, but not the officers who were expected to furnish their own. So the only thing that makes a command stand different from one unit to another is the flag, far as I can tell. So probably all you need to do is make the flags interchangeable, since all command stands are "alike" in their personal outfits.
    Cheers, Alex