Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some Figures Ordered

Yes, it has been a long time since I last posted here . . . and many health issues have kept me away . . . cancer surgery, radiation and chemotherapy as well as extensive (and ongoing) dental work (17 teeth removed) and two eye surgeries.  But I'm finally beginning to feel a bit better now.

I'm happy to report that my second cataract surgery (my right eye this time) has been successful.  I can see things a lot more clearly now.

And, in celebration (at least that's what I'm pleading) and the fact that WARLORD GAMES is offering free worldwide shipping through July 31st, I have finally ordered some 28mm figures to begin work on my long-time desire to game the English Civil War.

I ordered the "Pike & Shotte Starter Battalia" (note: link is to US site).  With it I will get 90 foot and 24 cavalry for $96.

Yes, I know that they are hard plastic rather than metal but I really don't care . . . I will be able to build them with a lot of options so as to get a good "irregular" look to my ECW units . . . and anyway I use 1/4" MDF for basing my figures so that provides sufficient "heft" even with plastics.

I might even order a second set as well since what one gets for under a hundred bucks is quite a lot . . . but if so it will be a separate order in the hope that both will clear Canadian Customs without getting whacked with duties and an "inspection fee" . . . (ah the 'joys' of getting things shipped across borders).

However please do not expect to see them on the table top too soon.  There will be a lot of assembly and painting to accomplish first.  And in the meantime I will be keeping an eye on eBay and Bartertown for deals on Warlord and Perry ECW figures (these being apparently a very good mix -- even in the same unit).

-- Jeff

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