Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Proposed Foot Units

I want to use "real" units, not "imaginary" ones . . . but, of course, we really don't what color the uniforms and/or flags were for most of the ECW.

So I searched for units for which both uniform coat and regimental flag are known . . . even though they might be in differing commands or in different years.

What I've provisionally selected to eventually add to my forces can be seen at left.

The "color" above the commander's name is the coat color as found in one source or another.  Some varied by year, but these are what I'm currently looking at using.

I will not, of course, start out with all of these at once.  In fact my forces may never get to a dozen pike & shot units . . . but this (at least currently) is what I hope for.

-- Jeff


  1. my thought - start with the regiments you really find interesting for any reason, then see where you go.

    I usually like to plan everything out ahead of time, but I find that doesn't always work. With my 40mm project I'm also using a bit of imagination on my regiments to "free" myself from the confines of history somewhat. My core units will probably be a bit made up, but perhaps outside historical units and personages will intervene? All part of life in the tumultuous ECW!

    Anyway, you may also want to consider picking your favorite army / battle and building from there, filling in with likely fiction those flags and uniforms that you dont' know. That can also be fun.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I have a pretty comprehensive list of ECW coats colours on my website that you may find useful. Of the regiments you have listed the following I have the following coat colours:

    Lord General - Red
    Sir Henry Vaughan - Red
    Marquis of Winchester Red or Burgundy
    Conyers Darcy - Blue
    Sir Gervase Lucas - Blue
    Sir Richard Bagot - Purple
    Sir Richard Bolle - Blue
    Sir Henry Bard - Grey
    Sir Thomas Blackwell - Black or Dark Grey
    Earl of Northampton - Green
    Sir Lewis Dyve - Grey
    Sir Gilbert Talbot - Yellow

    I hope that this is useful to you.

    Steve Wylde