Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Online Resource for ECW Coat Colors

I just discovered (thank you, Steve Wylde) that Wargames Design, the same source for the wonderful ECW flags that I'll be using, also has an extensive listing of coat colors for the ECW.

Of course it should be kept in mind that the coat color worn at one point during the war might be different from that worn during a different point in the war.  Still this list gives a good basis for painting many different units (both foot and horse) for both the Royalists and Parliamentarians (I did not see anything for the Scots).

-- Jeff


  1. Criminy! If it had been marked more clearly than "background" i'd have noticed that first time I was at that page!

    Nice catch. I also got two booklets from Caliver that may have uniform info. Reviews to come.