Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First ECW Units Finished

Well I have finally finished my first six ECW Royalist units.  Following the photos (click for larger images) I will discuss my reasons for the "unusual" basing and for the "command figure" in front of the units.

Sir Allan Apsley's Regiment

Earl of Northampton's Regiment

Sir Stephan Hawkins' Regiment

Sir Edward Stradling's Regiment

Lord General's Regiment

Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment

So why did I place five figures on the pike stands (placed like a five pip on a d6) and three figures on each shot stand . . . all instead of the usual four on each?

I firmly believe that pikes should be in "close order" and that (with burning matches) matchlock men would be in a looser (although not "open") order for safety's sake.  Others may well disagree, but I think that it looks good.

As for the "command figure" in front of each unit, it does not fight.  It is simply a marker for the unit's current status . . . in front for good order, in back for disordered, and well behind the unit if shaken.  This allows for a "marker" that does not disrupt the look of the battlefield.

Flags (and coat colors) are from the fine Wargames Design website . . . although I have increased the flag size to 45mm square (pikes/flagstaffs are 80mm).  My bases are nominally 2" square . . . but are actually 47mm square so that they will fit into my display cabinet.

Now to finish the rest of the Foot so that I can move on to the cavalry.

-- Jeff


  1. Jeff,

    Very nice and colorful looking units!


  2. Nice work, Jeff! Your solution is perfectly logical to me. In fact, my approach followed a similar reasoning.

    Figures look to be Redoubt as are most of mine. Is that the case?

    Keep them coming!

    1. Jonathan,

      No, not Redoubt. My figures are a mix of Perry, Warlord Plastics and some unknown figures I got from another gamer.

      -- Jeff