Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Six More ECW Foot Units

I have now finished the last six pike and shot units for my English Civil War Royalist Army.  Pictured below (along with those in my previous post (clicky)) are what my dozen pike and shot units look like . . . followed by individual photos of the six new regiments (click for larger images).

12 Royalist ECW Pike & Shot Regiments

The new regiments are as follows:

Sir Anthony Thelwell's Regiment

Sir Lewis Dyve's Regiment

Sir Henry Vaughan's Regiment
Sir Gilbert Talbot's Regiment

Sir Gervase Lucas' Regiment

Marquis of Winchester's Regiment

I am also near finishing four units of Commanded Shot . . . but I still have ten units of Cavalry as well as a couple of Dragoon units (both mounted and on foot) as well as all of my Generals and Brigadiers . . . not to mention artillerymen.

So I am far (okay much too far) from being where I want to be with this army . . . but for me the hardest part is now finished because unlike most gamers I find foot far more tedious to paint than mounted troops.  Beside which all I really only need to finish is some of the mounted and a few officers before Murdock and I can try out some ECW rule sets on the table top.

-- Jeff


  1. Nice work! Really enjoy the mass of colors when the regiments are all arrayed for battle.

  2. Your Painting technique brings out the colors with gusto!

  3. This is very inspiring. I like how you have chosen to organise your units. Which rules are you thinking of using?

  4. Chris,

    Thank you for your comment. As for rules, my opponent, Murdock, is currently sifting through a number of rule sets. Nothing has been decided yet.

    He is leaning toward playtesting a few different sets (as yet unchosen as far as I know) to see how they play in practice. Of course we cannot do that until I get some cavalry painted up and based.

    If you have any suggestions, I am sure that we would like to hear them.

    -- Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff

      Well, keep up the good work. I recently used the Very Civile Actions set from Perfect Captain. It was good but a) a bit rough round the edges (although it is free) and b) intended for smaller actions than it seems you might be looking for. I also have Victory Without Quarter on my 'to play' pile. When looking at rules I've found older sets all suit individually based figures, whereas I prefer bases.

      So yes, not much help to you, I'm afraid! I'm still in the early stages of this search myself!

    2. Chris,

      Murdock doesn't care for "Victory Without Quarter" (although I enjoy it) . . . but something you should know about it is that it works very well as a solo game as well.

      A while back I was undergoing six months of chemotherapy and the fatigue was terrible. There was no way that I could do any face-to-face gaming. But I played a number of solo games of VWQ with the help of a couple of online generals issuing battle plans.

      But since I didn't have any ECW troops I used some Renaissance figures I had and set it up about a hundred years earlier as a conflict between a pair of Imagi-Nations . . . and it worked quite well.

      Go to this blog for an account of the action (as usual go all the way back and read forward):


      So, Chris, the bottom line is that VWQ is well worth a look.

      -- Jeff

  5. Jeff, I am glad you're back after your chemo, hope and pray that all is going well for you there.

    Less importantly - but very relevant since this IS an ECW gaming blog - I wanted to comment on the fine blend of variety in the figs but overall color pattern that brings them together as a unit. It has a nice balance of improvisation with "uniform coat" and such issue, and I may have to copy some of the patterning there!

    Makes me long for some ECW time, but have been short and doing other gaming projects, as well as being occupied by life and more important things.

    very best!

    1. What I basically did in terms of painting was to make six "painting sticks" of about four figures each for a unit.

      I picked three slightly different versions of the coat color and used each for one stick of shot and one of pike; then I picked four "pant colors" and painted one figure on each stick each of these colors. It ends up giving a very nice "irregularly regular" appearance.

      Thank you for your kind comments, sir.

      -- Jeff